Mobile development using HTML5, Phonegap, and other cross platform technologies with strictest adherence to standards for widest possible market penetration.

Experts in Facebook integration including custom actions, requests, Open Graph API, Javascript SDK, and integration with Facebook’s micro-transaction credits system.

Highly scalable infrastructure built on Cloud Services guaranteeing 100% up time while minimizing costs through variable pricing models.

Passionate globally distributed goal-oriented team, decoupling talent from location, while maintaining management processes to naturally reward initiative and grow trust.

The South Park Of Facebook–Marie Boran, Silicon Republic

Is it weird that I wish this [FarmVillain] were an actual game?–Lauren Admire, The Escapist Magazine

Silly Goose humor is like Robin Hood;  not completely aligned with current mores, but still rooted for.–Mark Piotrowski, CEO - Silly Goose Ltd.