A Look At Casual Games Market Research

A Look At Casual Games Market Research

If you are serious about casual games development, you should have the best, most current research to help in your decision making. One fantastic source to get this information from is the Casual Games Association. This organization puts out regular reports on the state of the games marked within the mobile and social network space.

Here are some fun facts about our industry that you might not have known about.

Within the mobile games space:

Above: Feature Phone

  • Smartphone penetration rates are still only 15% globally, with the remainder of users still using feature phones.
  • The average mobile social game player is a women between the ages of 25-34, with a eCPM of $12.92.
  • The average mobile game player is a man between the ages of 25-34, with a eCPM $7.80.
  • The mobile games audience is 220 million between the USA, Russia, and Brazil.
  • 55% of mobile games revenues in 2012 come from micro-transactions & digital goods, 6% from advertising, 37% from paid downloads, and only 2% from hybrid or alternative models like subscriptions.
  • By 2015 it is estimated that paid downloads will only be 17% of all mobile games revenue.

Within the social network games space:

  • The average player on a social network is a 40 year old woman.
  • The US social network gamer audience is estimated at 77.9 million players in 2012.
  • 60% of social network games revenues come from digital goods, 20% from offers, and the last 20% from advertising.
  • Between 1% – 5% of players actually spend money.
  • 50% of all in-game spending comes from a mere 15% of paying players, who on average spend more than $25 a month.

One particularly revealing number came from a 2007 report. It stated that 74% of all in game purchases came from women, and of those 72% were above the age of 35. Does this mean that as developers we should be targeting this demographic or does it mean there are simply no products with a value proposition good enough for men to spend money on? This question is made even more difficult when you look at the numbers of console players and the spending habits of men on that platform.

If you want to keep up to date with market trends, check out the research section on the Casual Games Association’s website!