Farm Villain, a Facebook application, was originally released in early 2010 and exploded in a viral epidemic that swept the world from the third day the servers went live. The premise behind the idea is very simple. With 80 million FarmVille players at the time, there was a great deal of user frustration at the flood of news feed stories promoting gifts or making requests. We took that frustration and gave the community a way to fight back, in a funny way.

Farm Villain mimicked the format, artistic style, and general spirit of FarmVille stories but with a much more mature twist. Users could log onto FarmVillain, select from a collection of over 100 pre-made stories, and post to their friends or to their own wall.

At the peak of it’s popularity, Farm Villain had over 1 million active monthly users and currently enjoys a more humble number of returning visitors even after 2 years.

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